VJ and video mapping

Boaz Constructies delivers high quality VJ-sets. Only using self made material, digital and analog. It is my standard to compose custom sets for your event and map the video content. Styles range from stylized via happy absurdism to psychedelic, but are most certainly not limited to those. There is a wide range of video hardware on stock and sufficient workstations to ensure an efficient clip production. Having an equipped workshop it is easy to create any mapping screen or shape required for your event or club.


Third Eye

A new mapping screen with a fresh approach to crowd scanning. In the center sit two one way mirrors facing each other. By beaming through it from behind an effect similar to the well known infinity mirrors occurs. Because not all light is caught inside it is also a soft way to create nice beam effects onto the audience, where one can actually look into the light. The screen is made out of a steel construction with wooden panels. It’s approximately 5 meters wide and 2 meters high.  All content is made in 2560×1080 resolution to stay sharp from close up.

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The triangle screens are made of light weight wood and professional opera foil. With proper tie-rips they can be combined to form any shape. The legs of the triangles are 1m so the shapes are course, but they make great 3D screens custom to any room. There are 38 available.

Wiltgroei stage at Manifest



Projections for a Tresor party in Radion Amsterdam. Made to be projected directly on concrete. By adding moving layers of concrete textures the wall became alive.


This setup has been used at Radion in a spectacular wide screen view. Two 4500 ansilumen beamer composed the front screen and on each side an other 4500 ansilumen beamer projected a side window. Totalling around 16 meter of projection. Because the cameras during the shoot were setup identical to the angles of the projectors a weird ‘real’ perspective was created.


Other rabbit footage.


Video operating and VJ-sets production

  • Wilde Mohre Festival, Cottbus Germany
  • Radion, Cultural platform Amsterdam
  • Wiltgroei, Ruigoord Amsterdam
  • Solstice, Ruigoord Amsterdam
  • Psy-Fi festival, Groningen
  • Manifest, Ruigoord Amsterdam



Besides using video to project images I also use laser, but preferably in abstract way using divergent mirrors as projection screens to reflex part of the beams back.

Bom Voyage, Sugar FactoryBom voyage at the Sugar Factory, laser projection on mirror by Boaz Constructies. Video by Nuns With Guns