Stage Design and Art Installations

Scenery, stages, lights, deco, installations, interiors, funiture.

Advice, conceptual texts, concept design, modelling for third parties, design, pre-production, drawings and schematics, team assembly, logistical preparation, producing scenery, video content, interiors and installations, building stages and light rigs, programming light, video and laser, operating, load-out, post-production.

Sometimes it is nice to rather work on a smaller project. In smaller projects it is possible to work on every step throughout the process which results in making an installation exactly as you’re concept. Besides a thorough design there are more factors determining how the product will be. During each step in a process there are choices to be made, some of which are hard to foresee. Being there in person makes it possible to make sure these choices are made in a way suitable to the concept of what your doing. Therefore most stage desings host between 400 to 2000 visitors.

6th Chakra

Video Mapping Installation, modular build, 1,3 or 5 screens. 2,5m – 5,2m wide x 2m high, indoor only. For more information click here.

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Mirror Sphere’s, modular build, different compositions available. Minimum size 4m wide x 4m long x 1,5m high. Large compositions possible. Suitable for outdoor.

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Scenery design

  • Veerstichting, St. Pieterskerk Leiden
  • Happy Chaos, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
  • Food for You festival, Wageningen


Stage design

  • De Helling, Wildeburg
  • AM-Club, Patronaat Haarlem
  • Robodock, ADM Amsterdam
  • Radion, Cultural platform Amsterdam
  • Happy Chaos, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
  • Məsinə, Where the Sheep Sleep Kootwijk
  • Classical Music Rave, Kromhouthallen Amsterdam
  • Hammer Halle, Sisyphos Berlin
  • Findusgeburtstag, Berlin
  • Solstice, Ruigoord Amsterdam
  • Wiltgroei, Ruigoord Amsterdam
  • Habitat, Toren Overhoeks Amsterdam
  • Park Am See festival, Amsterdam
  • Time festival, ADM Amsterdam
  • Space festival, ADM Amsterdam
  • Friekfest, Villa Friekens Amsterdam
  • Over 20 smaller events

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Interior design

  • Radion, Cultural platform Amsterdam

Design of three bars, two club rooms, wardrobe, fence, technical infrastructure.


3D modelling

Here are some samples of 3D models I have made for professional purposes. All these models are suitable to be exported to building schematics.

For more visual material visit the imaginarium